Ready to Use

BuggSlayer Ready to Use formula is non-staining on water safe surfaces including mattresses, carpet and upholstery.

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Ready To Spray

BuggSlayer Ready to Spray formula is a concentrated residual insecticide for use on siding, screens, window frames and other outdoor surfaces.

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BuggSlayer concentrate can be mixed in your spray delivery system of choice to control over 50 insect pests.

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Product Features

Easy Application

Available in Ready to Spray, Ready to Use and Concentrate


Specifically formulated for outdoor use – will not wash away and lasts for several weeks


Kills Home Invading Pests – Asian lady beetles, box elder bugs, ants, fleas, cockroaches, stink bugs, spiders and bed bugs.


Contains microscopic crystals with binding agents that make it stick to pests.


Buggslayer Insecticide is a residual insecticide that kills multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles, Box Elder Bugs and over 50 other insect pests.

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